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Sunday, June 19, 2005
When zombies go to church

The music ministry stands up; the drummer cues and the band breaks into a song of praise. Out of my seat, I slowly rise, eyes closed and head pounding. I want to sleep... Tomorrow, everything starts all over again. The music, usually so inviting and warm, seeps into my ear, travelling down my body as I take a deep, deep and tired breath, and trickles out on the stone floor, cooled down by a spirit frosted by fatigue and frustation (yeah, in teen-angst fashion I have once again succumbed to -well what else?-depression). I should be home in bed. I shouldn't inflict my presence on anyone anymore...




In a low voice, someone has said my name. I struggle out of my stupor, my eyelids creaking open. Huhh..? Worship has ended. Oh. The congregation has sat down. Ohh. Except for me.


backspaced at 02:32 pm

June 22, 2005   11:32 AM PDT
shiro: I've forgotten. Dawn?

em: Bru, I miss you too.

Lee: Fit as a fiddle, fine as sunshine. (Drip, sarcasm, drip. ;-)
June 20, 2005   09:02 PM PDT
i hope your ok... just starting to get worried.
June 20, 2005   05:35 PM PDT
ummm... what time did you finally get to sleep sunday morning?

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