Entry: Word transplant somewhere in blog. Guess the donor. Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My pedestrian preoccupation with politics has sputtered and fizzled out quite a long time ago - somewhere between getting my first white hair and falling for a man who loves popping candy, I guess. It has since faded into the annals of my extended adolescence, a chapter that is redolent of wayward idealism and bourgeois reasoning. A typical case of disillusionment? Perhaps. Or maybe stuff has happened and subliminally revealed to me that, poof!, I'm done raving and raging into the night. *shrug*

What I do know for sure is that I don't know whether to rejoice or mourn the fact that I now call idle talk what members of my circle consider interesting discourse. My current state, peaceful may it be, seems to stink of either ignorance, arrogance or -yeah- apathy (apathy remains a myth, in my opinion). Pretty dismal, considering that I can't settle for being stupid, being a snob or being the social equivalent of a stone statue, can I?

And yet, I have to ask myself:

Just exactly how much of Life As I See It depends on who is President or not, on which politicians lie or not, on whether my definition of democracy tallies with my neighbors' or not?



I'm sorry but my honest answer is not very much.


jordan 11
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little light
September 28, 2005   06:00 PM PDT
same with me, joy. same with me.
July 5, 2005   02:48 PM PDT

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