Entry: A caesura is worth six sentences. Tuesday, July 12, 2005

1.) "Moving on always means leaving something behind."

2.) This blog is almost a year old; the blogger, backspaced, almost two.

3.) When you treat your writing like your child, you find out how bad a parent you can turn out to be.

4.) Those who should care don't.

5.) Finding the right way to say goodbye is like eating a dictionary and still feeling hungry afterwards.

6.) I won't be posting entries here anymore.


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May 19, 2012   03:14 PM PDT
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February 27, 2012   03:12 PM PST
Wow!! I caní»t believe it took me so long to find you! THANKYOU!
February 26, 2006   09:56 PM PST
Nice Entry.
January 6, 2006   06:36 PM PST
just want to say that i really enjoy reading your writing. though lately, admittedly, been irresponsible din with my blog and don't get to bloghop as much. but i wish you more great things with the pen (or keyboard might be more appropriate) as you move forward.
July 28, 2005   03:13 PM PDT
You can still find some of my writing at these places:



And perhaps one day you can stumble across a different kind of Joy entirely.

July 27, 2005   09:31 PM PDT
let me know too!
July 24, 2005   09:09 AM PDT
let me know where.
July 23, 2005   09:21 AM PDT
moving elsewhere? lemme know. :) miss yah!
July 12, 2005   11:04 PM PDT
nawa'y maging maayos na ang iyong pagsusulat?

...at sana'y may maitulong ako kahit papaano.

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