Entry: Yesterday, I felt the universe mocking me: Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Two friends told me their loved ones had irrevocably left them. You see, Joy? You are not special. You are not the only one basking in glorious misery. (But our case was different. We arrived at a mutual decision...) Sure, sure, say what you want to say. In the end all that's left are the detritus of human sentiments, spilled guts and blood and all the rest of the broken pieces of a botched emotional experiment... It's over and he's gone... (Anak ng kamoteng kinain ng kambing... Tumigil ka na lang. All hope is not lost.) Gee. When are you goin' to wake up, girl? (When there is no more beauty in feeling pain.) Oh you insufferable, insufferable fool! (Oh you arrogant, unfeeling realist!)

Yesterday, yeah, I felt the universe mocking me. I mocked right back.


June 15, 2005   11:22 AM PDT
i would rather hurt than not feel.
June 10, 2005   01:16 AM PDT
the beauty from feeling pain will never fade, as long as the beholder decides to see it..

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