Entry: When zombies drink vanilla milkshakes Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Forgive my catatonia, shiro

Somewhere along Katipunan last Saturday, I lost all significant social skills and the ability to appreciate an overpriced cup of coffee with seemingly intellectual testosterone-charged gamers-slash-go-getters. The week that ended and the week that had yet to come both caught up with me... System shutdown.

Ahh, well.

(Deal with the hand you're dealt, an inebriated stranger once said to me.)

On a different note:

It has never occured to me how DLSU has almost no symbol or significant physical element that could be, uhm, stolen by, say, wretched blue creatures whose school loyalty more than makes up for an otherwise droll social makeup (I'm talking stereotypes here. Exceptions do exist. *stares blankly*).

Those white corinthian columns are not uniquely Lasallian. The Philippine Post Office building has them, too. There are no statues or icons that ignite the so-called Animo... So while a certain Loyola Heights campus can safeguard the sword of St. Ignatius and a ridiculously large inanimate bird, what else can greenbloods swear to love and protect? (McDonald's Taft? Randy Santiago's collection of eyewear?)


(Greetings, Joe.)


I resolve to try writing poetry.


June 22, 2005   06:31 PM PDT
Greetings, Joy. I hope to see you in better spirits, the next time we meet. I hope you weren't thoroughly scared off by my (our) manner. ^_^
June 22, 2005   02:57 PM PDT
FYI: St. La Salle Bldg. and the Philippine Post Office Bldg. were built by the same architect... The Great Don Tomas Mapua, the first registered Architect of the Philippines. (see the similarities?)

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