Entry: Theater dregs Wednesday, June 22, 2005

So I saw Episode III with a friend last week (after everyone else has seen it and gone blechhh).

Fifteen minutes into the movie, my stomach started churning (I had tacos earlier). This general discomfort, along with the fact that they were making a gullible invertebrate out of a yummy Hayden Christensen onscreen, left me with a not-so-pleasant impression about the film...

I was no Star Wars fan. Except for a hazy memory of furry Ewoks, my exposure to the hit series ranked a little above nil. Asked about what I thought of The Revenge of the Sith, all I could come up with were some questions: Anakin crossed over to the Dark Side of the Force in the name of Love? Padme, in a world of light sabers and clone armies, died of heartbreak?

Duh-dduhh-d-duh.. *official sound track*

(Note to self: You've decided you want to meet Luke Skywalker, Leia and Han Solo. And the geriatric non-Ewan Obi Wan. So get a hold of video copies. Episodes IV, V & VI. May the--Ohh, you are soo not going to say that.)


June 23, 2005   01:36 AM PDT
The original Star Wars films were anti-tenchnology. How ironic that the new series is so dependent on special effects and computer-generated emotions.
June 22, 2005   08:56 PM PDT
sis, can't help laughing at "furry ewoks"... furry?! talaga?! hehehe... you catch my drift naman di ba?! *laughing still*

Ahh...hayden christensen... VERY yummy indeed....

i'm going to get vcd's of epis 4,5 and 6 too... biglang naging interesado...
June 22, 2005   02:55 PM PDT
Hmmm... I think the last 3 episodes (IV, V, VI) of this series is far better than the first 3 episodes (I, II, III).

Ewoks... :D

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